Fixing Apnea – Sleep Apnea — 2 Comments

  1. I Weigh over 300lbs. Is my snoring due to my weight or is
    weight a major cause in snoring or sleep apnea? My wife says I snore
    because of my weight which is probably true. We do not sleep together
    because I snore.

    • The relationship between weight and snoring is a complex one. Weight
      increases snoring because even small increases in the neck area can put
      more pressure on the upper airway when people lie down. Essentially,
      gravity pulls the tissue in the upper airway downward and this causes
      structures in the upper airway to touch. When the air passes by the
      touching tissues they start to vibrate and result in the nasty snoring
      noise. Weight loss, as little as 10% of a person’s body weight can
      significantly reduce snoring. But telling someone who is snoring to run
      around the block and drop a few pounds is often difficult. The snorer
      doesn’t usually realize it, but their sleep is not as restorative as it
      can be and this reduces their energy levels. Reduced energy levels can
      increase weight gain. This means that weight can cause snoring and
      snoring can cause weight increases.

      The best intervention is to fix the breathing first, then sleep improves
      and results in more energy. The energy can then be used to make
      lifestyle changes that lead to weight loss and reductions in snoring.