CPAP Tips-Making Your CPAP Experience a Positive One — 2 Comments

  1. I have purchased several products from your store over the years including
    the Anti snoring mouthpiece anti snoring device.
    Unfortunately I have moderate sleep apnea and it either wasn’t useful to me
    or I was not persistent enough
    for it to be helpful. I continue to look for an occasional alternative to my
    CPAP therapy but I have not yet succeeded..

    I came across a device (tongue retainer) on the internet which is sold in Canada.
    I note that you do not carry this product in your store but as I trust and
    value your opinion I was wondering if you were aware of it and if you think
    it is a reputable product and/or provider. I have contacted the company for
    information and they have responded in a timely and professional manner but
    I am a little hesitant to order it directly without doing a little more
    research. If you think, based on the information available, it has
    potential to help some snorers and/or apnea sufferers above and beyond the
    anti snoring mouthpiece perhaps it is something you could distribute .

    • Finding a suitable alternative to CPAP is a big challenge. Tongue retaining
      devices, or TRT, are a suitable alternative to mild OSA providing the back
      of the tongue is causing the obstruction. Mandibular advancement devices
      (MAD) like the anti snoring mouthpiece do the same thing as TRT. They both move the fleshy
      tissue forward to reduce the obstruction. Given that the anti snoring mouthpiece didn’t help as
      much as you wanted, I don’t think that a TRT will help either. They are, in
      general, less effective than anti snoring mouthpieces.

      Have you tried a positional sleep aid? Do you recall if your OSA was worse while on your
      back? If so, you could try this positional device coupled with Chin-Up
      Strips. It might be a great alternative if your respiratory disturbance
      index is not too high.

      Have you tried losing a little more weight? Sometimes losing 10 – 15 % of
      your total weight can increase the effectiveness of TRT and MAD. I know this
      is easier said than done.

      There are also some new surgical techniques like the pillar procedure that
      are showing promise. Keep me posted on your progress and thank you for the
      trust you place in me.