Obstructive Sleep Apnea – My husband stops breathing when he sleeps! — 2 Comments

  1. This sounds very frustrating for you! I am concerned that your
    husband likely has sleep apnea. All the signs that you mention are
    consistent with sleep apnea, including the sensation that the back of
    his throat is always clogged. I suggest that you have your husband
    undergo an overnight sleep study. I will send a sleep study request form. You can find a list of sleep
    disorders centres here: .
    Making lifestyle changes like losing weight are very difficult with sleep apnea, people
    don’t usually have the energy. Treating the apnea will make things a
    lot easier. While waiting for the sleep study, let’s see if I can help a
    I would like to suggest that you have your husband try
    refitting the device with slightly more lower jaw advancement. During
    this fitting, have him push the outside of the anti snoring anti snoring mouthpiece against his
    teeth with his fingers and use his tongue to push the anti snoring mouthpiece against
    the teeth on the inside of his mouth. While doing this, get him to suck
    all the water and air out of his mouth. In addition, try to get your
    husband to sleep on his side only. Let me know how this works out.

  2. My husband just received the mandibular advancement device and ear plug set he ordered from your firm. Needless to say, he bought this set for me as I am the only one his snoring disturbs. He followed the instructions to fit the mandibular device properly and the first night, I discovered it did not work as well as we had hoped. I still ended up in the spare bedroom. The only difference I noticed was that I couldn’t hear his snoring through my ear plugs and closed door, which I normally would have heard, without him wearing the mandibular device.

    Is there anything you can suggest? We were wondering if the mandibular advancement device he purchased from you would be rendered ineffective due to an underlying sinus problem. He has stated that the back of his throat is always clogged… Any help you can suggest would be greatly appreciated! Or should be attempting to seek medical advice on this dilemma at this point?